Bronze Sculptures by David McGlynn

My work tries to capture some of life`s moments, dreams, delights and joys. There are many pieces inspired by the human figure which is one of the most highly expressive forms that people everywhere can relate to regardless of background or education.
Themes of nature and recently the garden are expressed as a sacred space from which peace and a sense of connection are experienced.

I also love and I am fascinated by the theme of human creativity itself often represented by a child or an adult painting.

Many of my sculptures have the theme of lightness or taking flight as in the children holding balloons floating above the ground. Together with the use of bold colour and traditional bronze patination, my work engages the imagination of the viewer often allowing the viewer to complete the piece with their own story. This is what makes a sculpture meaningful. To the extent it allows the viewer to bring something of themselves to the sculpture, which in turn makes it both personal and universal.

I create sculptures for both gardens and outdoors in general and indoors.

Limited Edition Bronze and Stainless Steel 60cm x 40 x 12 Price
Call,Bronze ,Copper ,Limestone
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The theme of childhood has always been a great source of inspiration for me . Even as adults we can still relate to seeing a child flying a kite , playing with sand on a beach or even a child drawing or painting. It can bring us back to that place in our selves where we not only just remember what it was like but can feel a part of us that is still childlike deep in our core.

A child at play is wonderful to behold and the idea of play itself is incredibly valuable in terms of learning and pure enjoyment of life especially for us as adults.  “ we don’t stop playing because we get old ; we get old because we stop playing “ George Bernard Shaw.
At the very heart of our society is the idea of and value of Family. In these sculptures I explore the sense of belonging and of people together in Unity weather in a small family group or Universally as human beings sharing the journey of life .I may use objects like shoes or clothing to represent a person or child as in my Clothes line series or the “ Tree of Life “ Sculpture.

A large proportion of my work is inspired by a love of and direct experience of nature. Nature and the direct experience
of it (as opposed through a lens), has the power to clear the mind ,energise the body and elevate ones spirit.

We are also part of Nature and its this connection that fascinates me and one that I will continue to explore and celebrate in my work.